This “set” is probably my most original one because it wasn’t really planned. It just happened by accident–I had most of the gear gathering dust in my bank, and the only thing I had to do was to put it together, and the pieces simply worked out.

Head: Conqueror’s Siegebreaker Helmet (you can buy the token from Dubin Clay in Dalaran or kill Thorim in Ulduar.

Shoulder: Colossal Dragonplate Shoulderguards (Token drops from Hagara in Dragon Soul)

Chest: Warlord’s Iron-Breastplate (AH would be your best bet)

Legs: Warlord’s Iron-Legplates

Waist: Belt of the Fallen Emperor (Emperor Vek’nilash from Temple of Ahn’Qiraj)

Feet: Bladeshatter Treads (Valor vendor) – Obviously, there are so many alternatives to use for the feet, but I personally used this one because I prefer chunky boots.

Shield: Red Dragonscale Protector (Vaelastrasz from Blackwing Lair)

I will have to update this when I find a better looking one-hand sword. 🙂

Happy farming!

Finally, she is complete! After realizing I can transmog shaman tier offsets, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted my hunter to look like a sexy shaman. I ended up farming various BC heroic dungeons everyday for a week until I got everything.

To get the gear that I’m wearing, click here for a list of the bosses and dungeons that drops them.

As for the weapons, Melmorta’s Twilight Longbow drops from Chrono Lord Deja in Normal and Heroic Black Morass.

And the Staff of Infinite Mysteries drops from The Curator in Karazhan.

Happy farming!

Last night’s LFR was a terrible disappointment though I couldn’t help but laugh considering how ambitious some of us were. We had an hour to complete the first half of LFR until the server shut down for maintenance. When it came down to having 20 minutes left, players started getting nervous and one by one, they started leaving. Some of them cried “No! We can do this! We got this,” others disagreed “No way, with out dps we can’t finish this.”

When we got to Hagara, the last boss of the first half of LFR, we were downed to 20 players. 20 players who believed in our capabilities to get this boss and loot our shit on time. Well, everything went fine until the boss casted Focused Assault and for some reason, the tanks just stood there, probably assuming she was just tank n’ spank. One tank dies, and players were slowly leaving the raid.

Some of us were still there, burning the boss as hard as we could. There was still this pathetic hope we had, but as soon as we saw [SERVER] Shutdown in 0:30 in the raid chat, it was over. We failed.

I post’d a screenshot right before I left the raid to see how hard we fail, and how much anger the players had inside (well, at least one).

As you can see, we were cutting it way too close. *Cries* Today will be a better day.

Wowsas! After about a week of trying to down the Madness that is the Deathwing, we finally got him down last night! The crazy thing is, THREE of our usual raiders were out this week so we had to pug them, including healers. All of the healers we pugged were either stuck-up or just trying to run the game, or a combination of both.

The first night of fresh DS10 we pugged a Resto Shaman and the first thing he asked us was “So, we’re going to down at least 8 bosses tonight right?” which is kind of a rude thing to ask because none of us here can foretell the future, all we can do is try. He also told the raid leader that he doesn’t believe our group can finish a whole lot, but we ended up downing 8 bosses that one night. Such a silly little healer. I’d kick him out of the raid but I knew we couldn’t be picky.

The second night, the night that we down Madness, was a Resto Druid. When one of us would die or make a mistake, he’d say in raid chat, “WTF?” as if that helped anything. After about an hour of wiping, he eventually ninja-logged and never came back. Another pug had to leave so we had to look for two new players.

The next and final healer, a Resto Shaman, as soon as he logged into Mumble, the first thing that came out of his mouth was “So, when do you guys lust?–I think you guys should lust at the 4th platform it’s way better…blah blah blah.” After we disagreed, he lusted before we even started, by “accident”, which meant we had no choice but to lust at the 4th platform.

Despite the derpness of the healer, we finally got Deathwing down. For the loots a couple of things dropped, including the mount, which apparently has a 1.1% drop rate on normal mode. I rolled about a 93 for Essence of Destruction and won it. Shit, I totally wasted a good roll. I rolled another 90 for Souldrinker and won. Shit, now I’m REALLY never going to get that mount. And finally, for Blazing Drake, I rolled an 88…still freagin’ won. I won three items from Madness alone, including the 1% drop rate mount. Words can’t describe how happy I am.


As for you pug healers, stop being an asswipe.

  • When we invite you to the raid, don’t ask “Are we going to down X bosses at least?” We don’t know. Please join a top raiding guild if you want a definite answer.
  • If someone ends up dying to a stupid thing, saying “FFS” or “WTF?” doesn’t help the fight or the raid. If you’re that concerned, then find the solution to the problem so we can avoid the same mistake again, instead of just sitting there and acting like a pricky little diva.
  • And last, please don’t give us your strategy right off the bat. Keep quiet, raid first, and if we wipe, then you can put your little “two cents” in.