It’s feels pretty good to be raiding with the guild again. After we had downed Nefarian a couple of times (which seemed like many moons ago), most of us were extremely burnt out. We took a break, but it eventually extended into months which resulted in some of our core raiders leaving the guild to continue pushing content. It kind of sucks, but we (the officers at least) really needed that long break and now we’re back to finally put Deathwing to his grave.

We raided with half a guild just a couple of hours ago in Dragon Soul 10-man, and ended up downing the first four bosses. I’m actually really happy with all the fight mechanics so far. It’s fairly simple and fun at the same time. And you know, I’m not beating my head to the keyboard like I was when I was raiding BWD before. This is a really nice start for us after our long, deserved break.

We will be continuing the raid tomorrow and we’re definitely looking forward to the rest of the bosses (that’s if we get to them first).

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