After using Mumble for a little over a month, I’ve learned that it’s simply not quite pug-friendly yet. Mumble is slightly better than Vent because there’s really no lag between sending and receiving voice chat. Mumble also has an overlay which is clearly optional but it is nice to know who is talking and who is saying “stack where I’m standing!” The only problem I’ve found so far is that if you have issues with lag then it will not pick your voice up clearly.

As of this week, we’re starting to raid as a guild. Finally. Before, we had to pug a couple of players and every time I post the guild’s Mumble info, most of the pugs didn’t even know what it was. And even when they did download the program, it took over ten minutes to set everything up. Once, a pug left our raid simply because he didn’t want to download and install Mumble. Once, a pug asked us “Why can’t you just use Vent?”

Mumble, we’re confident about this product of your’s so I hope you’re proud of us for converting pugs to install the program one-by-one…no matter how hard they rage.

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