The guild and I took down Stone Guard last week and it was no easy kill. I’ve tanked raids for a while and this fight was the first time I almost wanted to quit tanking. There’s a specific, orderly-ish way to juggle/taunt the guards and you have to be incredibly attentive to catch it. It took me two raid nights to understand the taunting mechanic and now that I have it down, it’s pretty easy and fun. I like tanking again!

We just took down Feng tonight and that is also kind of a tank fight. Why are we getting so much attention? Either way, it was a fun, solid fight and I can’t wait to down him again after the reset.

The dailies are killin’ me, man. Why can’t we just grind a little until we can get a damn rep/faction tabard!?

Finally getting to level my DK tank. I’m curious to see how tanking is as a different class. So far, I’m still loving the warrior for the simple fact that they are clearly the most fun and mobile. They can charge, intervene and heroic leap all within a matter of seconds.

– I’m on a kite:

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