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Last night’s LFR was a terrible disappointment though I couldn’t help but laugh considering how ambitious some of us were. We had an hour to complete the first half of LFR until the server shut down for maintenance. When it came down to having 20 minutes left, players started getting nervous and one by one, they started leaving. Some of them cried “No! We can do this! We got this,” others disagreed “No way, with out dps we can’t finish this.”

When we got to Hagara, the last boss of the first half of LFR, we were downed to 20 players. 20 players who believed in our capabilities to get this boss and loot our shit on time. Well, everything went fine until the boss casted Focused Assault and for some reason, the tanks just stood there, probably assuming she was just tank n’ spank. One tank dies, and players were slowly leaving the raid.

Some of us were still there, burning the boss as hard as we could. There was still this pathetic hope we had, but as soon as we saw [SERVER] Shutdown in 0:30 in the raid chat, it was over. We failed.

I post’d a screenshot right before I left the raid to see how hard we fail, and how much anger the players had inside (well, at least one).

As you can see, we were cutting it way too close. *Cries* Today will be a better day.