About two weeks ago, I had gotten an invitation to try out the new Battle.net desktop app beta. And funny enough, that’s what had gotten me to play WoW again.


I love the idea of having a desktop app for Battle.net because it keeps everything contained into one program. I can finally remove all the Blizzard games from my taskbar and replace it with Battle.net desktop app. W00t!


It’s about time they made something like this. I haven’t ran into many problems, perhaps once or twice. Once, it wanted to update WoW but the download bar wasn’t progressing at all and it was saying “searching…” the entire time. So I exited out the program and tried to load it up again, but the desktop app wouldn’t load at all so I had to restart my computer.

Twice, was actually today. I had trouble logging into WoW from the desktop app. It automatically displaed a “You have been disconnected” message without even trying to log me in. So I had to open up WoW.exe and that worked fine. Must’ve been a bug!