I have a weird habit.  I get very analytical with changing hairstyles on my toon just as I am analytical with gemming and reforging my gear.

The way it works is I usually “cut” Zombot’s hair at least five times a day…sometimes even up to 10…maybe 15 a day until I find the perfect hairdo that works and flatters her face the most .  Once I do, I change it again because I don’t think it’s right anymore, thus the pattern continues and it never ends. Yes, it’s totally ridiculous and yes, someone needs to /slap me in the face.

I’m not entirely sure what the real cause may be for the annoying habit to be so dedicated on changing hairstyles on something that isn’t even real.  My guess is either because I’m simply a girl who treats her toon like a ten-year-old treats her barbies, my calling is to become a hairstylist, it’s probably a border-line-online obsessive compulsive disorder, or a combination of the three.

So this got me to wonder if there were other players who have a peculiar habit or obsession they do on a regular basis in WoW.  Are there players who have to organize items in their bags and bank in a special way? Are there players who feel like they’re obligated to perform a ritual before each raid? Or are there players who make their toons jump after every seven steps they take? I want to know!