I’ve always wanted to look like a DK without actually being a DK! I think I did a pretty good job at intimating them if I don’t say so myself.

dkwarrior1 dkwarrior2

Head: Garalon’s Hollow Skull

Shoulder: Valorous Dreadnaught Pauldrons

Chest: Blade-Scored Carapace

Legs: Valorous Dreadnaught Legguards

Feet: Treads of Crushed Flesh

Shield: Steelskin, Qiang’s Impervious Shield

This “set” is probably my most original one because it wasn’t really planned. It just happened by accident–I had most of the gear gathering dust in my bank, and the only thing I had to do was to put it together, and the pieces simply worked out.

Head: Conqueror’s Siegebreaker Helmet (you can buy the token from Dubin Clay in Dalaran or kill Thorim in Ulduar.

Shoulder: Colossal Dragonplate Shoulderguards (Token drops from Hagara in Dragon Soul)

Chest: Warlord’s Iron-Breastplate (AH would be your best bet)

Legs: Warlord’s Iron-Legplates

Waist: Belt of the Fallen Emperor (Emperor Vek’nilash from Temple of Ahn’Qiraj)

Feet: Bladeshatter Treads (Valor vendor) – Obviously, there are so many alternatives to use for the feet, but I personally used this one because I prefer chunky boots.

Shield: Red Dragonscale Protector (Vaelastrasz from Blackwing Lair)

I will have to update this when I find a better looking one-hand sword. 🙂

Happy farming!